Danish Polar Center Publication No. 12, 2003

Late Thule Culture Developments on the Central East Coast of Ellesmere Island.

By Peter Schledermann and Karen M. McCullough

Danish Polar Center Publications No. 12. Copenhagen, Sila – The Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark and Danish Polar Center, 2003.
203 pages. Price: 238 DKK. ISBN 87-90369-64-5

This monograph is the third and final presentation of research data covering the prehistoric occupations on the central east coast of Ellesmere Island. As was the case for the Palaeoeskimo hunters and the pioneering Neoeskimos, the Post-Ruin Island and Late Thule culture Inuit used the Bache Peninsula region extensively both summer and winter until environmental, ecological and possibly social circumstances caused the area to be abandoned. It was the last region in the Canadian High Arctic to be depopulated during the “Little Ice Age,” attesting to its general economic importance as part of the Smith Sound culture sphere of which it was occasionally a part and sometimes the principal settlement component.