Danish Polar Center Publication No. 13, 2004

Norse ruins of the southern Paamiut and Ivittuut region.

By Svend Erik Albrethsen and Jette Arneborg

Danish Polar Center Publication No. 13. Copenhagen, Sila – The Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark and Danish Polar Center, 2004. 95 pages. Price: 148 DKK. ISBN 87-90369-72-6

The Middle Settlement is identical with the region around Ivittuut and the southern part of Paamiut municipality on the western coast of Greenland. High, steep mountains dominate the landscape, and the land between the Inland Ice and the sea is narrow.

The Middle Settlement was inhabited by the Norse in the Middle Ages, and was probably considered by the Norse as the outskirts of the Eastern Settlement. The Norse ruins are mentioned as early as 1723, and have been investigated since the late 19 th century. This is the report of the 1986-1991 surveys of ancient Norse monuments, and includes hitherto unknown sites.