DPC’s tasks

DPC strengthens Danish Arctic and Antarctic research by:

Arranging national and international conferences, meetings and workshops:

- International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP II, 2005)
- Arctic Council Action Plan: Mercury Workshop (2005)

Acting as secretariat for:

- the Commission on Scientific Research in Greenland (KVUG)
- the Ethical Science Commission on Medical Science Research in Greenland ("CVK- commission") 
- the Forum of Arctic Research Operators (FARO)
- the Danish Committee for the International Polar Year (IPY)

Running the research station at Zackenberg in North-East Greenland.

Zackenberg lies 25 km north-west of Daneborg in North-East Greenland. In addition to various research projects, the station is the focal point for the environmental surveillance programme.

DPC supports Danish participation in international polar research
By participating in Nordic, European, circumpolar and other international research and logistical networks, DPC promotes the interests of Danish polar research. DPC is for example represented in:

- the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)

- the European Polar Board (EPB)

- the Nordic Cooperation Committee for Polar Research (NSP)

DPC gives advice on logistics and permits
DPC gives advice on logistics in deserted areas of Greenland and arranges aeroplane and helicopter transport for expeditions.

Permits are required to travel in many areas of Greenland; for example, on the Inland Ice and in the National Park in North-East Greenland. Researchers, expedition participants and others can obtain the necessary permits through DPC, who also give advice and guidance to expeditions.

DPC operates as the link between researchers, the Defence Forces, relevant ministries and institutions. We collaborate with the National Ombudsman in Greenland and the Home Government of Greenland in arranging visits from the National Parliament and the Royal Family.

Communication of information to researchers and other interested parties
DPC disseminates information about polar research and thereby supports researchers in their regular work.  Our website and the magazine Polarfronten contribute to the creation of networks and to interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers, and the annual Polar Researchers’ Day brings scores of scientists together from Denmark and overseas.  DPC´s communication channels also have a very broad public among people with a more general interest in the polar areas.

We will gladly carry out commissions from external applicants.  One example is the website on Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) for the Danish Environmental Agency.

DPC welcomes all opportunities to participate in cooperative tasks with research groups in order to disseminate their results to a broader public. In 2006, DPC is thus launching two new project  websites, one about the drilling of the Greenland ice-core and the other about the expeditions to Ikka Fjord in 2006-2008.