VECO Polar Resources

Operating under a contract with the NSF VECO Polar Resources provides logistics planning, remote camp equipment and coordination of services for US research projects in Greenland. Current sites supported include Kangerlussuaq, Summit, Thule Air Base and the Raven Training Facility (close to the former DYE-2 radar site).

Greenland support by VECO includes:
- logistics support (transportation, air support, cargo movement, facilities)
- field camp management and staffing
- military travel and base/area clearances
- lodging and arrangements at research or "hub" sites
- coordinating support requests with the appropriate agencies and support contractors in Greenland and Denmark.

The Greenland Logistics Manager will coordinate all Greenland summer support functions from KISS in Kangerlussuaq.Scientists are responsible for providing their own cold weather and personal gear, including toiletries and comfortable clothing for non-working hours.

Please read VECO's Greenland Guide for US project personnel.There are special opportunities for NSF funded projects for air transport to and from Greenland using US military aircraft. Get more information.

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VECO Greenland locations. Click on map to enlarge.

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