Constable Pynt / Nerlerit Inaat

As of July 2004 the DPC headquarters for field logistics services in Northeast Greenland will be based at the airport of Nerlerit Inaat / Constable Pynt.

Nerlerit Inaat is the regional airport for Ittoqqqortoormiit / Scoresbysund and is situated c. 50 km from the town at the north end of the fiord Hurry Inlet. Located c. 100 km S-SE of the national park border, Nerlerit Inaat is the natural stepping stone to the National Park in North and East Greenland.

Besides the two weekly flights to and from Reykjavik, Iceland, there will be one weekly flight to and from Akureyri in northern Iceland. Aircraft traffic within northeast Greenland will be by Air Iceland's Twin Otters or by Air Alpha's Bell 222 helicopter.

During July - August DPC will have a flight coordinator stationed at Nerlerit Inaat / Constable Pynt to coordinate all charter flights in Northeast Greenland.

Operational information on Nerlerit Inaat / Constable Pynt can be optained from Greenland's Airport Authority.

For more information on Constable Pynt, please contact:

Aka Lynge
Danish Polar Center
Tel. +45 3288 0133