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Kangerlussuaq is the main hub for all international and domestic flights. Air Greenland and Air Alpha operates the scheduled domestic fixed-wing and helicopters flights connecting a total of 22 airports and heliports.

Charter flights are available using either Air Alpha or Air Greenland.

See air transportation details at Greenland Airport Authority.

Get Visual Approach and Aerodrome Charts on Aasiaat, Ilulissat, Kangerlussuaq, Kulusuk/Tasiilaq, Maniitsoq, Narsarsuaq, Nerlerit Inaat/Ittoqqortoormiit, Nuuk, Qaanaaq, Qaarsut/Uummannaq, Sisimiut and Upernavik airports which are all serviced by fixed-wing aircraft operated by Air Greenland.

Transport by Ship

To and from Greenland
The scheduled sea transport to and from Greenland does not accommodate passengers. The cross-Atlantic ship lines are cargo carriers only.

The company Royal Arctic Line is concessioned to operate the seawards cargo and mail transport between Denmark and Greenland (sometimes via Iceland) as well as between Canada and Greenland. The traffic hubs for these marine connections are Aalborg in northern Jutland, Nuuk in Greenland and Montreal in Canada.

Between Canada and Greenland
Information about itineraries, booking and rates is available at Royal Arctic Line’s Sales, development and chartering department in Nuuk at the address below. Interested parties are advised to contact RAL as early as possible to enable best possible assistance with your logistic requirements.

Royal Arctic Line A/S
Sales, Development and Chartering
P.O. Box 1580
Aqqusinersuaq 52
3900 Nuuk, Greenland
+45 349 100
+45 325 311

Within Greenland
"Royal Arctic District Service" ('Royal Arctic Bygdeservice'), a subsidiary of Royal Arctic Line is responsible for seawards transport of cargo between towns and settlements in Greenland. In the regions of Maniitsoq, Disko Bay and of Tasiilaq (Ammassalik) the cargo vessels also carry passengers.

During summer Arctic Umiaq Line provides passenger transport between towns and the settlements on the west coast.

Please make your reservations well in advance as both air and sea routes are often and especially during the summer are fully booked.

Check the time tables for Arctic Umiaq Line's passenger routes.

About transport
There are no railways nor any connecting roads to/from/between towns in Greenland. The most feasible way to get to Greenland is by aircraft.

Please note, that Greenland is part of the Schengen Agreement about the free mobility of people across borders. Special rules concerning passport and customs control therefore apply.

For more general information you may want to visit Greenland Tourism.

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