Archive no. A 300: Examples of documents from expedition members

A300-134: Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen
- Diaries I-VII
- Notes, memos etc
- Draft of the book about the expedition

A300-143: Peter Freuchen
- Diary I-VII
- Notebook
- Letters from other members of the expedition

A300-144: Alfred Wegener
- Notebook ("Magnetisches Observationsjournal")
- Photocopy of extract from diary ("Aus Alfred Wegeners Tagebuch auf der Danmark-Expedition 1906-1908")
- Diary ("Rückreise der Retournierungspartie II (Thostrup und Wegener). Frühjahr 1907")

Extract of L. Mylius-Erichsen's diary from October 1906