Archivals of Danmark-Ekspeditionen 1906-08 in the Arctic Institute

Archive no. A 300 contains documents, drawings, maps etc. from Danmark-Ekspeditionen. The collection consists of 332 records, divided into the following categories:

1. Expedition plans: Mylius-Erichsen’s scientific, logistic and economic plans for the expedition and correspondence with institutions, foundations and patrons. Purchase of ship, equipment etc.

2. Hiring of crew and selection of scientific expedition members.

3. Personal diaries of the members of the expedition. See examples

4. Scientific observations, reports and manuscripts.

5. Maps

6. Artefacts (paintings, flag, clothing etc.).

A detailed register is the key to the collection, but is not yet available on-line.

The collection is available and can be viewed by enquiry to the archivist

Caricatures of expedition members. Drawings by the artist Acton Friis.