To commemorate the centenary of the ”Danmark-Ekspeditionen” the literature, photographs, and archival material from the expedition has been made easily accessible through the links on this page.

The Danmark-Ekspeditionen 1906-1908

Up until then the most extensive Danish scientific expedition to Greenland, it commenced in 1906 onboard the ship “Danmark”.  The 28 expedition members were under the leadership of L. Mylius-Erichsen.  The aim of the expedition was to explore the almost unknown stretch of the coast of North-East Greenland between 77º N and 83º N, and to carry out an extensive scientific programme.  Three of the expedition members - L. Mylius-Erichsen, Høeg Hagen, and Jørgen Brønlund – perished while trying to return to winter camp in late 1907.  The expedition succeeded in completing the outline mapping of the coast and accumulating scientific material, and returned to Denmark in August 1908.


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Archival material

Archive number A 300 in the Arctic Institute's historical archive contains documents, sketches, maps and other items from Danmark-Ekspeditionen.


The photo collection Arktiske Billeder (Arctic Images) has approximately 1500 historical photographs from Danmark-Ekspeditionen. Click here to see a selection.


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