For work in Arctic and Antarctic marine areas icebreakers are indispensable. Neither Denmark nor Greenland have icebreakers of sufficient classification in these waters, so researchers from these countries will depend on the research opportunities that become available onboard other nations' icebreakers.

DPC will be glad to assist you in the planning or booking process should you need accommodation and working space onboard an icebreaking research vessel. However, a prerequisite for participation in a "cruise" with any of the available icebreakers will be that you are part of a research project that fit into the framework of the particular cruise or regions to be visited. Furthermore, the funding of your project must be secured and handled by you or the principal investigator of the particular project.

Therefore, use the links below to get yourself acquainted with the research opportunities offered by the various vessels and note any announcement of international participation or call for project proposals. Please note, that the icebreakers operate with long-term planning and cruise schedules, so you may have to plan for a project 2-4 years ahead of actual launching. However, the actual cruise plans are continuously revised, and the plans rarely made public until about a year prior to departure (consult links below) – which may be too late for applying for berths and funding. Therefore, researchers often need to make personal contacts to get access to tentative cruise and research plans. Please consult the addresses below – or make inquiries via Danish Polar Center.

It is important to realize that the U.S., German, British and Norwegian vessels listed below have science support as their primary all-year task. The listed icebreakers from Canada and Sweden have, however, icebreaking around ports and for marine traffic in national waters as their main tasks with science support in international waters as a secondary priority. The latter icebreakers are, therefore, available for science cruises during November-May only in special cases.

To learn more about opportunities onboard icebreakers, please contact:

Morten Rasch
Tel. 7248 8110