Kissavik has traveled in nearly all parts along the Greenland coast, often with scientists onboard. The vessel is owned by Jes and Malene Burghardt and Kissavik is well known in all of Greenland for its cozy and informal atmosphere.

Kissavik is approved for 12 over-night passengers. There are 2 cabins each with 2 berths and 8 berths in the mess room where meals are also served. The ship has 2 washrooms with toilet shower, 2 living rooms, a mess with TV and VHS. Kissavik is equipped with all modern electronic equipment for safe voyage in Greenland.

Kissavik's data:
Built in 1952
Lenght: 74.64 feet (22.75 m)
Width: 20.7 feet (6.3 m)
Depth: 9.74 feet (2.97 m)
Weight: 85.1 tons
Engine: B&W Alpha Diesel, 3 cylinders, 2 stroke
Cruising speed: 9.5 knots

For information on charter condition and prices, please contact:

Jes Burghardt
Avannarliit 19
DK-3900 Nuuk
Tel. +299 55 34 92