H. C. Bjerring
The question of the Eotriassic tetrapod genus Wetlugasaurus in Greenland and thoughts on the fossa coniformis entopterygoidea.

Cranial specimens of Eotriassic tetrapods from central East Greenland which in the mid-1930s were assigned to the genus Wetlugasaurus have been re-examined and found to represent a new, capitosaur-like genus, named Selenocara. A coneshaped fossa in the entopterygoid bone is the focus of particular attention. This depression appears to have engaged with the affacial process and not, as has often been manintained, with the basipterygoid process. The consequences of this reinterpretation of the fossa coniformis entopterygoidea are far-reaching, and some of them are, to an extent, discussed herein.