Studies on some Arctic and Baltic Astarte Species (Bivalvia, Molusca)
Godtfred H°pner Petersen

Some species in the Arctic and Baltic Astarte - complexes have been described or redescribed. From the Arctic A. borealis - complex: A. borealis (Schumacher, 1817), A. jenseni n. sp., A. nuuki n. sp., A. moerchi n.sp., A. sericea Posselt 1895. From the Arctic A. elliptica - complex: A. elliptica (Brown, 1827), A. neocrassa n. sp., A. longa n. sp., A. vaigati n. sp. In the Baltic Sea the former “A. borealis”- complex has been substituted by 6 species: A. bornholmi n. sp., A. silki n. sp., A. belti n. sp., A. fjordi n. sp., A. falsteri n. sp., A. nordi n. sp. Part of the Baltic A. elliptica / A. sulcata - complex is studied: A. elliptica (Brown, 1827), A. anholti n. sp., A. klinti n. sp. and A. sulcata (da Costa 1778). A few notes on the A. mon-tagui - complex and the A. crenata - complex have been added.