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The Hubert Wenger Award
To commemorate the outstanding contribution made by Hubert Wenger to polar libraries, in 1996 the 16th Polar Libraries Colloquy (PLC) passed a motion establishing this award whose purpose is to assist attendance through payment of registration fees by delegates otherwise unable to attend the PLC's biennial meetings. These awards are funded from the proceeds of the Circumpolar Auction held at each Colloquy.

How to apply:
Applicants should contact the PLC Secretary, William Mills, Librarian and Keeper, Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1ER, UK (E-mail: ) enclosing the following documentation:
- Title and abstract of their proposed presentation. This should be a paper rather than a poster.
- A supporting letter stating the applicant's particular need as well as any previous contacts with the PLC. Since Wenger Awards are designed to encourage attendance by librarians and archivists employed by institutions which may have experienced previous difficulties in attending PLC meetings, lack of such contacts will not necessarily be held against applications. It is expected that applicants who have attended a previous Colloquy will have paid their subscriptions.
- Curriculum vitae
Deadline: 3 months before the start of the Colloquy.

Decisions as to which applicants to fund are made by the PLC Steering Committee. Applicants will be informed by the Secretary of the Committee's decision, which will be made as soon as possible after the application deadline.

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