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autumn 2002 in
Finse, Alpine Norway

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February 2000 (No. 10)

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ITEX Manual, 2nd ed.

ITEX Update #10


ITEX MANUAL 2nd Edition

In this second edition, the Manual covers not only the basic monitoring and temperature manipulation experiment (ITEX "Level 1"), but also documentation processes, statistical analysis, higher-level studies such as "seed flux", and an introduction to permafrost monitoring. The latter is an outcome of the close and prosperous collaboration between ITEX and the International Permafrost Association (IPA). Figures in this electronic version may not be visually optimal, but has been comprimised to save space. Those of you who need figures may order the specific pages of the Manual. In this way you will help the ITEX Secretariat saving money. The Manual is also available in hard copy free of charge from the .

Download the ITEX Manual in PDF

To download part of or the whole ITEX Manual to your harddisk you
need the following 10 files:

1 Front page

2 Introduction and table of content

3 Manual 2nd ed.

4 Appendix front page

5 Appendix I-III
I Dates And Day Numbers
II ITEX Climate Stations: Field Record Form
III ITEX Climate Stations: Monthly Report Form

6 Appendix IV
IV Examples of Filled-in Monthly Report Forms

7 Appendix V
V Snow Depth Transect Form

8 Appendix VI-VII
VI ITEX-IPA active layer grid form
VII ITEX active layer/OTC control form

9 Appendix VIII
VIII ITEX Lake Monitoring Protocol

10 Appendix IX-XXI
Report forms for plants (IX-XX) and insect (XXI)