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Location of NANOQ

Location of NANOQ in relation to annual snow melt on ice sheet

Routing and altitudes of road between Kangerlussuaq and NANOQ

This announcement
was released
March 14 2005

The Swedish company "Incitus" owns NANOQ, a logistics support site on Greenland's Ice Sheet at 1764 m above sea level and 170 km east of Kangerlussuaq Airport (see map).

An important asset is the 170 km road (35 km gravel and 135 km ice) connecting NANOQ and Kangerlussuaq airport. This transportation corridor is drivable with 4x4 ice trucks and tracked vehicles all year except for the land-ice transition zone during high summer.

In early 2005 the opportunity arose that NANOQ could be made available to researchers as a logistics platform for science and monitoring projects on the Ice Sheet.

Unfortunately, the attempt to raise funding for operating NANOQ as a platform for science has failed.

Therefore, as of mid March the buildings on the Ice Sheet are being disassembled and everything will be hawled down on the ice road to Kangerlussuaq. Before the end of May 2005 everything brought onto the Ice Sheet to be part of NANOQ will have been removed, - and the tracks forming the ice road will be the only traces left of the former year-round activities.

The Danish Polar Center appreciates all the support and expressions of interest from the research communities during the hectic weeks when we tried to secure NANOQ as vantage point for science on Greenland's Ice Sheet.