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Information on the Greenland Environment

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Sea Ice Ice links Ice terminology

Ice data from Baffin Bay

Greenland sea ice archive

Ice data from Greenland Sea

Latest sea ice concentrations

Sea Ice data from Davis Strait

QuikSCAT polar sea-ice browser

SCICEX, Scientific Ice Expeditions

Oceanographic data from Greenland Sea

Real-time GOES-8 imagery of Davis Strait

AVHRR sea ice data on Greenland waters

ERS-1/2 SAR sea ice data from Greenland Sea

Latest surface observations in Greenland waters

Latest DMSP-SSM/I sea ice data from Greenland Sea

Concerns in the marine environment around Greenland

Oil spill sensitivity atlas of West Greenland coastal zones

Latest monthly map of buoy positions in Greenland waters

Ice cover at the center of the Greenland Sea Gyre 1996-97

Latest NOAA-AVHRR sea ice data from South Greenland waters

Heavy metal distribution Cadmium Lead Mercury

Organochlorine distribution DDT HCH PCB