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Information on the Greenland Environment

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Databases with meta-data or hard data on the Greenland environment

Permafrost database

Geo-cryological database

Greenland sea ice archive

AMAP's data and GIS resources

C-CIARN North on-line databases

NSIDC Snow and Ice Data Catalog

Greenland Climate Network (GC-Net)

Databanks on Greenland geoscience

Oceanographic data from the Greenland Sea

SPOT - high resolution visible metadata sets

Elevation data sets for Greenland on CD-ROMs

Data on contaminants in biota - define coverage

GIS databases on Greenland renewable resources

Data on contaminants in sea water - define coverage

Data on contaminants in sediments - define coverage

GIS database on areas important to Greenland wildlife

AVHRR metadata sets for Greenland - define coverage

Index of paleoclimate and icecore data from Greenland

Zackenberg BioBasis long-term ecosystem monitoring

Oil spill sensitivity atlas of West Greenland coastal zones

LANDSAT TM metadata sets for Greenland - define coverage

Data on biological effects of contaminants - define coverage

LANDSAT MSS metadata sets for Greenland -define coverage

Digital SAR Mosaic and Elevation Map of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Submarine Upward Looking Sonar Ice Draft Profile Data and Statistics

Near real-time SSM/I EASE-grid daily global ice concentration and snow

Univ. of Copenhagen's Greenland Dye-3 Oxygen-18 versus depth data

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Updated May 31, 2002