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National Polar Research Strategy 1998 2002

Summary in English

The Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland has published a new strategy for the period 1998-2002. The first strategy and action plan for 1993-1997 was a reassessment of the significance of polar research and its potential for the Danish and Greenlandic societies. The aim of the present strategy and action plan is still to exploit the existing potential of Danish/Greenlandic polar research for the benefit of the Dano-Greenlandic commonwealth, and to provide Greenland with the knowledge it needs to support its own development.

In 1998-2002 the Commission will continue to give a high priority to research in the following areas:

  • 1) Global environment with the focus on the Arctic;
  • 2) Arctic natural resources; and
  • 3) Arctic social development, including health.
Besides working in harmony with the strategy plans of the research councils, the Commission considers it important that research of an international standard is conducted in Denmark/Greenland within the areas mentioned; that the research has links with the international research network; and that the research can help to strengthen the development of Greenlandic society, trade and industry. The key words in research policy are quality, relevance and continuity. The research areas mentioned all have the potential for coordinating a number of disciplines in interdisciplinary research cooperation of a high quality. "Relevance" refers to special, demand-driven areas of focus. The Commission will ensure continuity in important polar research environments and will support active Greenlandic participation in the research where appropriate and possible.

Besides the Commission's present appropriation of DKK 7.9 mill., the Commission has proposed an appropriation of DKK 10 mill. a year for the implementation of research tasks, including researcher training and the ensuring of continuity in Danish polar research, as a supplement to the contribution of the research councils, and especially to the Danish - Greenlandic research cooperation. Already effected transfers of research institutions from Denmark to Greenland make special demands on the development of Dano-Greenlandic cooperation if important research resources are not to ne lost. The DKK 10 mill. is to be used especially for the development of Dano-Greenlandic networks, and for the training of Greenlandic researchers and others who wish to work in Greenland, as well as for logistics facilities.

The Commission wishes to maintain an actual funding function for projects of special relevance to Greenlandic society, and considers it appropriate that projects involving both Danish and Greenlandic researchers are dealt with by the Commission itself. The action plan includes project support in the form of framework, programme and project appropriations, senior researcher posts and professorates, research fellowships and the maintenance of the logistics pool that was established in 1995. It further includes support for the holding of meetings, seminars etc., the establishment of research centres and networks, international activities, the building and operation of field stations, and the evaluation of ongoing activities. The strategy plan emphasizes increased information and dissemination activities. An unchanged level of research activity in the government research establishments and support as before from the research councils are both preconditions of the proposed economic framework.

The national polar research strategy is published in Danish with a summary in Greenlandic and English.

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