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The Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland

In June 1999 the "Joint Committee on Danish - Greenlandic Research Co-operation" recommended several initiatives to restructure and strengthen Arctic research in the Danish realm. A core recommendation was to establish a new joint Danish - Greenlandic financing and co-ordinating body.

Following the recommendations from a seminar in December 1999, it was decided to reorganise the 121-year-old Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland, colloquially known as KVUG.

The reorganised Commission was appointed in March 2000. It is a joint Commission with equal representation from Denmark and Greenland, 5 members from each, and a chairman appointed by common agreement between Denmark and Greenland. The first chairman appointed is rector Ole Marquardt from Ilisimatusarfik (The Greenland University). The national action plan 1998-2002 for Polar Research remains the frame of reference for the Commission's work.

Outline of The national action plan 1998-2002 for Polar Research

Already effected transfers of research institutions from Denmark to Greenland make special demands on the development of Dano-Greenlandic research networks, and for the training of Greenlandic researchers and others who wish to work in Greenland.

Goals and objectives
The aim of the National Strategy for Polar Research and its action plan is to utilise the existing potential of Danish/Greenlandic polar research for the benefit of the Dano-Greenlandic commonwealth, and to provide Greenland with the knowledge it needs to support its own development, in accordance with the concept of sustainable development.

The action plan 1998-2002 emphasises the following research areas:

  • Global environment with the focus on the Arctic;
  • Arctic natural resources; and
  • Arctic social development, including health.

Transfer of knowledge from Denmark to Greenland is now a core activity for the Commission, underlying all tasks.

The commission in its new shape has the task of proposing new joint Danish-Greenlandic strategies for polar research. The Commission can propose the setting up of new activities and is to give general advice on polar research issues to the research councils and to other governmental bodies.

The Commission can support special initiatives within polar research. Projects and initiatives must contribute to the transfer of knowledge from Danish research institutions to Greenlandic research institutions and promote the compilation of scientific knowledge in Greenland.

In 2001, after a call for applications, the Commission decided to support 18 specific projects, which were considered to fulfil these aims.

Further, in 2001 the Commission took initiatives with the particular aim to promote the recruitment of Greenlandic researchers.

A part of the Commission's appropriations was reserved for a Danish-Greenlandic co-financed scheme for funding Ph.D.-students with a Greenlandic background. Two grants were initiated in 2001.

The Commission also decided to promote the recruitment of Greenlandic researchers by setting up initiatives in specific research areas.

These initiatives were implemented by setting up temporary positions for scientists to be attached to Greenlandic research institutions within the following areas:

  • Research and counselling concerning Greenland's cultural heritage.
  • A socio-economic study of Greenlandic hunters' exploitation of living resources
  • Co-ordination and promotion of general geology for the recruitment of young greenlanders to higher and further education within this scientific field

The KVUG secretariat is located at the Danish Polar Center. Contact persons are , phone +45 3288 0130 and , phone +45 3288 0116. E-mail:


KVUG secretariat
c/o Danish Polar Center
Strandgade 100 H
DK-1401 Copenhagen K

Contact persons:
phone +45 3288 0130 and
Charlotte Munch
, phone +45 3288 0116


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