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The meeting will focus on the discussion of three inter-related themes: two key techniques, their integration and practical application.

  • Tephrochronology
    Issues of correlation between proximal and distal deposits (including the ice cores): geochemical correlations, the potential for post depositional modification of chemical signatures (and consequent misidentifications), definitions of isochrones within diffuse tephra zones, the number of grains needed to define an horizon. Onshore-offshore correlations and the marine reservoir effect. Integration with other dating techniques.
  • Radiocarbon
    We will focus on approaches to defining the marine reservoir effect and assessments of its variation in time and space. Other issues will be radiocarbon dating of peat stratigraphy, the use of conventional (bulk) dating and AMS dating of humic acid/humin fractions in contrast to “single entity” AMS dates on plant fragments (and how tephrochronology in both proximal and distal areas could help to resolve these issues).
  • Dating settlement
    With point of departure in the technical discussions we will try to address themes such as; the timing of the Norse landnam on the North Atlantic Islands, the extinction of the Norse Societies in Greenland and possible changes in the subsistence of the Norse Atlantic Societies.
Dynamics of Northern Societies        – a conference organized by SILA & NABO
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Updated 13 November, 2003