Sessions and Poster Session

The conference will be organized in ten chairs most of which cross cuts the boundaries between traditional Norse, Palaeo-Eskimo and Inuit themes. Contact person:

Living with Things (session 1)

Religion, Exchange and the Constitution of Religious Identities (session 2)

Interaction with the Environment (session 3)

Exchange and Trade (session 4)

New Approaches to Dynamic Analysis of palaeo-Eskimo artefacts (session 5)

Origins and Spread of the palaeo-Eskimo and Inuit traditions (session 6)

Architecture and social Organisation (session 7)

Demography, Death and Burials (session 8)

Focal Places (session 9)

Dynamics of Small Scale Societies (session 10)

Poster Session

Space will be provided for poster sessions.
Poster headline should be submitted prior to January 1st 2004 to
Dynamics of Northern Societies        – a conference organized by SILA & NABO
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Updated 28 April, 2004