New Approaches to Dynamic Analysis of palaeo-Eskimo artefacts

During recent years a new methodology has been introduced into Arctic archaeology that facilitates the exploration of a dynamic perception of artefacts. This methodology, the chaîne opératoire, is based on an understanding of the full range of technological processes that occur during the 'life' of a tool: from procurement of the raw material to the discard of the exhausted artefact. One of the primary goals of this approach is to attempt to trace the mental concepts or templates that "lie behind" prehistoric technologies in order to gain insights into social and cultural aspects, as well as follow diachronic changes within these societies.

The aim of this session is to explore the possibilities of applying this dynamic approach to Arctic archaeology. Papers should address new forms of analysis either through the use of the chaîne opératoire or through the application of alternative new methods. Discussions will focus on evaluating these new approaches. The presenters are encouraged to focus on aspects of methodology that will stimulate this debate.

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Dynamics of Northern Societies        – a conference organized by SILA & NABO
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Updated 8 December, 2003