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7 June 2002
The station is now open for the season. Read the diary (in danish)

6 March 2002

It will probably be of interest to many scientists working at Zackenberg that the Danish Meteorological Institute has published a technical report (in Danish and English) entitled 'Klimaobservationer i Grønland 1958-99 - med klimanormaler 1961-90 / The observed Climate of Greenland, 1958-99 - with climatological standard normals 1961-90". For Northeast Greenland, the report contains data from Ittoqqortoormiit, Daneborg, Danmarkshavn and Station Nord. The report incl. a data CD-Rom can be ordered from (). Alternatively, download the whole report as a PDF-file or download just the zipped data file.

4 March 2002
Henrik Philipsen is now employed by DPC as the new logistics manager at Zackenberg Station. Henrik has been working as logistician at Zackenberg since 1996. As of primo March 2002 Henrik Philipsen releaves Aka Lynge on this position since Aka has become DPC's logistics manager at Mestersvig.

17 January 2002
Zackenberg Station participates in the EU financed network of European field faciliies, ENVINET (European Network for Arctic-Alpine Multidisciplinary Research). ENVINET promotes coordination of research, monitoring and management at the sites involved. The last meeting in ENVINET was held in Oban, Scotland, at the Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory from 13 to 16 January 2002. Zackenberg Station is responsible for the project 'Site Management at ENVINET Sites' in the network. You can read more here about ENVINET.

12 December 2001
The ZERO 1st Annual Report 1995 is now available as a PDF file. You can find it under Publications. It is now possible to download all ZERO Annual Reports (1995-2000) as PDF files.

10 December 2001
Climate data from the period 1 August 1995 31 August 2001 are now available. Please contact the Station Manager () if you want to receive a free CD with the data.

1 December 2001
Due to a significant cost increase operating Inmarsat M satellite telephone terminals, it has been necessary to raise the prices on telecommunication to and from Zackenberg.
The following telecommunication prices will be valid for the 2002 field season:

" Use of telephone:    32 DKK / minute
" Use of telefax:     32 DKK / minute
" Incoming e-mail:     32 DKK for first 3 pages
" Outgoing e-mail:     32 DKK for first 3 pages
" For each additional e-mail page:     20 DKK

For further information please contact the Station Manager:

Ph.D., Station Manager
Zackenberg Secretariat
Danish Polar Center
Strandgade 100H
DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Direct phone: +45 3288 0143
Cell phone: +45 2349 0645
Secretary: +45 3288 0100
Fax: +45 3288 0101



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