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As an integrated activity at Zackenberg the long-term monitoring programme, Zackenberg Basic, was initiated in 1995 and fully implemented in 1996. The objective of the programme is to provide long time series of data on the natural innate oscillations and plasticity of a High Arctic terrestrial ecosystem. This is accomplished through monitoring selected biotic parameters and elements (BioBasis) as well as climatic (ClimateBasis) and other abiotic (GeoBasis) parameters and elements throughout the year on a long-term basis. In depth information on Zackenberg Basic is available in the Annual Reports for ZERO, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.
Data from the monitoring programmes can be ordered, free of charge, by contacting the relevant monitoring programme managers (see addresses below).

Further Information
For further information about the long-term monitoring at Zackenberg please
contact the programme managers of
the individual monitoring programmes:

Dr. ,
National Environmental Research Institute,

BioBasis rationale and design
BioBasis manual and sampling methods
BioBasis data



Greenland Field Investigation,

Dr. Morten Rasch,
Institute of Geography
University of Copenhagen
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