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Transport by Air    US military flights

There are currently no scheduled civilian flights between North America and Greenland. Therefore, travellers need to fly via Reykjavik/Keflavik, Iceland, or via Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the summer 2003 "Great Canadian Travel Company" operates two charter flights weekly between Iqaluit and Aasiaat with connection to and from Ottawa and Montreal.

There are, however, possibilities for direct flights between U.S. and Greenland aboard military aircraft, pending certain conditions are met, see below.

For research projects in Greenland funded by U.S. National Science Foundation the U.S. logistics operator VECO Polar Resources arranges transport of personnel and equipment on a limited space-available basis aboard N.Y. Air National Guard 109th Airlift Wing flights from Scotia, New York, to Thule Air Base (Pituffik) and Kangerlussuaq and return.

Science teams are responsible for payment of travel to and from Scotia. The 109th Airlift Wing is the primary mode of transportation during the summer field season.

Furthermore, VECO Polar Resources works with science teams to arrange travel to Thule Air Base and Kangerlussuaq through flights provided by the Air Mobility Command.

Science teams wishing to use these flights must provide VECO Polar Resources with a social security number and a passport number for each traveler at least one month in advance of the desired flight.

VECO Polar Resources obtains National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs approval for travel before reservations are made. Read more at VECO - Greenland Transportation.

VECO Polar Resources determines and provides the best and most cost-effective mode of transportation to Greenland and back, based upon research team requirements.

Travelers choosing an alternate mode of transportation do so at their own expense.

Please contact or for further information.