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See also VECO Polar Resources' list
"Clothing for Greenland"

For more information on safety during fieldwork,
please contact:

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Safety during fieldwork in Greenland

'The Arctic Suitcase'

A recommended packing list
for visitors Northeast Greenland

The list below does not intend to be all exhaustive. Take some inspiration from it and compose your own list to fit your specific needs and activities.

The amount of clothes is dependent on the number of days in the field and the desired level of personal hygiene. Plan with three main layers from inside and out:

  •  a breathing and insulating layer,
  •  a windproof layer and
  •  a waterproof layer.

Breathing and insolating layer

  •  thermal underwear (synthetic or woolen underwear to be worn directly on the skin)
  •  normal underwear both long and short moisture absorbing underwear (often normal cotton underwear)
  •  T-shirts wíth turtle or crew neck
  •  cotton or woolen shirts
  •  light weight fleece shirts and long-johns (e.g. Polartec 100)
  •  heavy duty woolen or fleece sweater (e.g. Polartec 200 - 300) e.g. with windstopper.
  •  socks of wool (high heat capacity even when wet), cotton or synthetic (softer than wool)
  •  hats, balaclava, gloves and mittens

Windproof layer

  •  jacket (GoreTex or equivalent fabric; light and versatile, hood optional)
  •  trousers (heavy duty but light-weight
  •  sweater or fleece e.g. with a windstopper
  •  hats, mittens, gloves

Waterproof layer

  • jacket with hood (GoreTex or equivalent fabric)
  •  trousers (GoreTex or equivalent fabric)
  •  hats and gloves / mittens (GoreTex or equivalent fabric is highly recommendable)
  •  rubber boots with long shafts e.g. with insulation or extra insoles


  • hiking boots (be sure these are good, broken in and able to withstand both moisture/water and cold)
  •  light-weight shoes or running shoes (for fair weather days)
  •  waterproofing for boots if necessary
  •  casual city clothes (for your stays in Iceland)
  •  swim suit (there are heated swimming pools everywhere in Iceland!)
  •  sunscreen or hat with brim
  •  sunglasses (there is a lot of light up there!!)
  •  extra glasses - if you wear glasses
  •  backpack for day hikes
  •  batteries for both camera and portable music players (remember those headphones)
  •  personal toiletries: Everything (nearest shop is in northern Iceland !!)
  •  towels


  •  sleeping bag (for outdoors and sub-zero temperatures)
  •  ground pad (e.g. Therm-a-Rest, 4.5mm thick)


  •  light-weight, tunnel shaped, high performance tent

Cooking & food

  •  cooking set(s)
  •  fuel for cooking + extra for heating on cold tent-days
  •  provisions (e.g. freeze-dried or light-weight foods)


  •  polar bear deterrents
  •  GPS navigator
  •  firearms
  •  VHF transceiver(s)
  •  PLB or HF radio