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More links to Greenland maps

Safety during fieldwork in Greenland

Maps of Greenland

High quality maps are essential to any activity outside towns and hamlets. You may find some maps for sale in local shops in Greenland, but do not rely on purchasing maps in Greenland.

You will need all your maps right from the early planning stage of your field activity. You are therefore strongly recommended to get in contact with a well-stocked map shop or the actual publisher of the maps relevant for your planned activity.

The following selected links will provide you with a variety of map-based information that may be of value for your further planning:

  • National Survey and Cadastre (aka KMS) in Copenhagen is the national cartographic agency and the core institution on Greenland maps. KMS also provides a really good, full colour, elevation map of Greenland as a free .jpg file (81 Kb) or as a free .bmp file (1.5Mb). A geodata meta-database on Greenland is also available (in Danish only).
  • Greenland Institute of Natural Resources offers an interactive on-line map database on renewable resources in Greenland. The user interface is in Danish only.
  • Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum provides on-line maps of all sites and areas in Greenland where general or special protection or restriction measures apply.
  • Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) produces and sells geological maps.
  • Greenland Survey (aka ASIAQ) sells maps of Greenland towns and hamlets.
  • Greenland Tourism produces and sells hiking maps in 1:100,000 for selected regions.
  • National Geographic Society's interactive map machine allows you to generate user-defined Greenland and other Arctic region maps based on satellite imagery. The Society also offers on-line interactive map on the Arctic Ocean and a map of the Arctic Ocean floor.
  • A well-stocked, Copenhagen-based, map store is Scanmaps with on-line ordering of Arctic and Antarctic maps.
  • SagaMaps covers Greenland  with all sorts of maps:  20  sector maps - colour coded - (red series) 1:250.000.   6 Viking Polar Cruise Series (blue series) 1:500.000. Greenland maps in scale 1:5.000.000, 1:7.100.000,  1:10.000.000, 1:11.800.000 and 1:16.750.000.  Historical guides with maps in 1:250.000. Historical maps, puzzle, stickers, postcards etc.
  • A large number of thematic maps from Arctic and Antarctic are available at UNEP's maps and graphics collection in GRID-Arendal, Norway.
  • It is crucial for your navigation that you acknowledge and comply with the very significant compass deviation, especially in North Greenland, between "geographical North" and "magnetic North". This declination is varying depending on latitude, longitude - and altitude.
    Calculate the magnetic declination for any locality.

  • Planetary Visions' on-line computer graphic animations illustrate aspects of the geography, science and environment of the polar regions.

Please note that the authorities can assume no responsibility for accuracy and authenticity of maps and charts used in Greenland. Some inaccuracy may be expected in contour lines, altitudes, lakes and ice cap boundaries; buildings and settlements may be of a less permanent character and only occasionally inhabited.

Calculate length of day, night and twilight periods

  • Most people spending some time in the field appreciate to know when the sun will rise and set and how long the twilight will last. Some research projects even require this information.
    There are a number of on-line tools available to help you quantify these parameters for any location you may wish. To start out, please get hold of the exact geographical coordinates, i.e. latitude and longitude, of your selected site.
  • Definitions of rise, set and twilight
  • Excel workbook to calculate sunrise, sunset, solar position and solar radiation
  • Compute sun or moon rises and sets for one whole year
  • World sunrise, sunset and twilight time calculator
  • Custom sunrise sunset calendar for predefined locations