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This is an unofficial translation of the original Danish text


Greenland Home Rule Executive Order no 5 of 1 February concerning Leisure Hunting Certificate

In accordance with § 4, Sec. 3 and 4, § 6, Sec. 1 and 2, § 12, § 13, Sec. 1, and § 17, Sec. 2 in "Greenland Parliament Law no. 12 of 29 October 1999 concerning Harvesting and Hunting" the following is established:

Area of validity

§ 1
This order concerns leisure hunting on Greenland land and fishing territory.
Sec. 2. The order concerns all mammals and birds.

Permission to leisure hunting

§ 2
Leisure hunting may be carried out only by persons with permission to do so from the Greenland Home Rule.

§ 3
Permission to leisure hunting may be granted to Danish citizens and citizens from other countries who are registered residents in Greenland. The permission is granted as a leisure hunting certificate.
Sec. 2. The Minister of Industry may exempt from the stipulations in Sec. 1, when deemed reasonable from the applicants affiliation to Greenland, and when the applicant has stayed temporarily outside Greenland only for educational reasons.
Sec. 3. Persons under 12 years cannot obtain a leisure hunting certificate.

§ 4
The leisure hunting certificate permits the holder to hunt within the framework stipulations in the legislation as a whole.

Application for leisure hunting certificate

§ 5
Application for leisure hunting certificate must be submitted to the Ministry of Industry using the application form provided by the ministry. You can obtain the application form at any municipal office.
Sec. 2. Before submitting the application the information must be certified by the national register in the residence municipality ensuring that the conditions in § 3 have been complied with.
Sec. 3. If the municipality of residence does not find the demands in § 3 fulfilled by the applicant and therefore cannot certify the application and submit it to the ministry, the municipality must inform the applicant shortly after the ruling.

Validity of leisure hunting certificate

§ 6
The leisure hunting certificate is part of the receipt of a special postal giro payment order issued by the ministry.
Sec. 2. For issueing of a leisure hunting certificate a 30 DKK fee will be collected.
Sec. 3. The leisure hunting certificate is valid only when signed upon the payment and is valid to the end of the calendar year which the leisure hunting certificate concerns. The receipt is a stamp from a bank or post office on the postal giro payment order or any other kind of unambiguous and secure registration to certify that the fee of 30 DKK of the postal giro payment order has been paid.
Sec. 4. The ministry may cancel issued leisure hunting certificates, if the conditions of the leisure hunting certificate at the issue were not present, or if the conditions of the issue were no longer present.

§ 7
The leisure hunting certificate is individual and must not be handed over, sold, or lent out.
Sec. 2. The leisure hunting certificate must be carried along together with a valid identification while hunting and must be presented on demand to the police, hunting and fishing officers, their assistants or any other authorized person for control.

Harvest report

§ 8
Any owner of a leisure hunting certificate has an obligation to register his harvest. At the end of every month, the catch must be calculated. Each years harvest, cf. Sec. 2, must be made up at a harvest report form provided by the ministry and submitted thereto before 15 October.
Sec. 2. The harvest register period is 1 October 30 September.
Sec. 3. Renewal of the leisure hunting certificate will automatically take place pending the, duly signed, harvest report for the previous register period has been submitted.


§ 9
The Minister of Industry has the authority to grant exemptions from the rules in this Order with due respect to scientific investigations.


§ 10
Violators of § 2 and § 7, Sec. 1 and 2 may be fined.
Sec. 2. The catch or the value of the catch may by violation of § 2 and § 7, Sec. 1 and 2 be confiscated for the benefit of the Exchequer.


§ 11
The Order takes effect at 1 February 2000.
Sec. 2. Concurrently Order no. 35 of 29 November 1998 from the Greenland Home Rule Authority concerning leisure hunting certificates is rescinted.

Greenland Home Rule Authority, 1 February 2000

Simon Olsen / Jørn Birk Olsen