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Danish version

This is an unofficial translation of the original Danish law text
Firearm licence form

Act on control and registration of firearms in Greenland

"Firearms Law for Greenland"

§ 1
It is prohibited, without permission from the Chief Constable of Greenland, to import, manufacture, purchase, carry, own or use
1) pistols, revolvers and other small firearms
2) fully- and semiautomatic rifles, including semi-automatic smooth-bored
    double-barrelled shotguns
3) machine pistols,
4) machine guns,
5) barrels, breech blocks, bolts or bascules for firearms mentioned in no. 1-4
6) ammunition for those firearms mentioned in no. 1-4, including
    cartridge cases, priming screws, percussion caps, fuses and projectiles.
Sect. 2. Air- and springguns are exempt from the prohibitions under sect.1.
Sect.3. The Ministry of Justice can issue regulations, prohibiting other weapons than the ones included in sect. 1. Furthermore, The Ministry of Justice can make exemptions to those firearms listed in sect. 1, including semi-automatic rifles used commercially for hunting purposes. The Chief Constable of Greenland can establish regulations exempting ammunition included in sect. 1 no. 6.

§ 2
It is prohibited to transfer or lend to others the articles mentioned in sect. 1, unless the purchaser or recipient show the necessary documentation.

§ 3
§ 1 and § 2 must not be a hindrance to the renewal by repair of a firearm´s barrel, breech lock, bolt or parts of the bascule.

§ 4
Licences in accordance with the regulations can only be granted persons of whom no information regarding personal relations and behaviour hitherto cause misgivings in granting the application.
Sect. 2. Furthermore, firearm licences can be granted to organizations, museums and the like, if board members and other responsible parties comply with the demands specified in sect. 1.
Sect. 3. Licences in accordance with this can be rescinded at any time.

§ 5
Licences issued pursuant to § 1 must be carried whenever the firearm is carried and must be shown to the police upon request.

§ 6
The Chief Constable of Greenland stipulates on the licence, in relation to § 1, such conditions concerning storage and access, which might be considered necessary in regard to safety.

§ 7
Licences according to § 1 of the statutes are issued with a validity of 5 years, unless the purpose of use warrants a shorter period.

§ 8
For licences issued in accordance with § 1, no. 1-4, a fee of 840 DKK is paid to the The Treasury. The price is reduced by half if the applicant already has a firearm licence, which has been paid in full.
Sect. 2. A firearm licence covers only one firearm.
Sect. 3. If the holder of a licence for a specific firearm replaces the weapon, a new licence must be issued and paid for.
Sect. 4. Should the holder of a licence change name or address, a new licence can be issued, free of charge, with the same validity as the original licence.

§ 9
Loss of those firearms etc. listed in § 1 of the Act, must be reported to the police without delay. The same applies if a valid firearm licence is lost.

§ 10
It is prohibited, without permission from the Minister of Justice in each case, to export
1) firearms of any kind,
2) ammunition,
3) equipment for land-, sea- or air warfare
4) machinery, instruments, apparatus and other means of production,
    whose main use is the manufacture or maintenance of firearms, ammunition
    or war equipment, or parts and fittings for such means of production or
5) explosives including gunpowder as well as raw materials for the production
    of same.
Sect. 2. However, for export to Denmark, permission can be granted by the Chief Constable of Greenland.
Sect. 3. Sect. 1 and sect. 2 do not apply to persons entering Greenland with firearms and ammunition, not covered by § 1, and who after staying in Greenland for a period up to 3 months, wish to re-export the firearms and ammunition.
Sect. 4. Sect. 1 and sect. 2 furthermore do not apply for persons leaving Greenland with firearms and ammunition not covered by § 1, with the intent of staying abroad for up to 3 months and who after their stay abroad wish to re-import the firearms and ammunition to Greenland.
Sect. 5. When leaving the country in accordance with sect. 4, the owner of the firearm must report the temporary export, in writing, to the Chief Constable of Greenland.

§ 11
Rulings arrived at by the Chief Constable of Greenland in accordance with the Act cannot be appealed before the Minister of Justice.

§ 12
§ 1 does not apply to civilian authorities in Greenland or to military authorities.

§ 13
Violation of § 1, sect. 1, § 2, § 5, § 8, sect. 3, § 9, § 10, sect. 1 and 5, § 14, sect. 2, as well as violation of a prohibition under § 1, sect. 3, can result in action being taken in accordance with the the criminal law. Action can also be instigated against anyone who fails to comply with the conditions or terms stipulated in § 6.
Sect. 2. If a violation has been committed by a limited company, co-operative society or company or the like, the company as such can be imposed a fine. Has the violation been committed by The State, The Home Rule Government, a municipality or a municipal association which is covered by § 57 of the Act of Greenland Parliament concerning local councils and district councils etc., liability of paying fines can be imposed upon the State, the Home Rule Government, the municipality or the municipal association.

§ 14
The Act will take effect as of January 1st 1994.
Sect. 2. Persons who, at the time of the coming into effect of the Act, are in possession of fully or semi-automatic rifles, barrels, breech blocks, bascules or bolts for the aforementioned firearms, have the right to continued possession of these articles if the possession is reported to the Chief Constable of Greenland, at the latest 1 year after the Act has taken effect.
Sect. 3. Regulation no. 305 of November 21st 1957 for Greenland concerning prohibition of the acquisition or transferral of pistols etc. is rescinded simultaneously with this Act coming into effect.

Granted at Amalienborg, December 19th 1992
By Our Royal Hand and Seal

Margrethe R. / Hans Engell