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Regions in Greenland

Facts pertinent to research projects and expeditions

Northeast Greeenland

The region between Germania Land and the latitude of 70°N has deep and extensive fjords and sounds dividing the land in a multitude of islands and peninsulas. The landscape has a general alpine outlook with many peaks approaching altitudes of 3000 m. In the coastal areas extensive tundra occurs.

The climate is high arctic with coastal 'flavour' in the eastern part and a continental to the west. The vegetation is mainly scattered heath vegetation, but in the continental part lush, but prostrate shrubs of dwarf birch are common. Local ice caps of variable size occur througout the region.

The north border of Ittoqqortoormiit/Scoresbysund municipality forms the southern border of the region. Danmarkshavn an ICAO weather station and Daneborg and Mestersvig - military outposts are manned around the year. The research station at Zackenberg is populated during June - August only.

The National Park in North and East Greenland
Since 1974 vast areas of northeast Greenland have been designated as a national park. The purpose of the c. 1 000 000 km2 park is to conserve the wilderness of the region and at the same time allow research and public admission. Protection of landscapes, flora, wildlife, prehistoric remains and other cultural relics of the past is the overall objective. The public is granted admission to the park on certain conditions.

See the Executive Order on the National Park.

Please check the geographical positions of the national park border.

If you are not a permanent resident in Avanersuaq (Thule) or Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund), or performing duties for a public Danish / Greenlandic authority, or working at a permanent station within the park you must obtain a special permit from the Greenland Home Rule Authority for admission to the national park.