Proposed IPY projects from Denmark and Greenland submitted January 14 2005 as Expressions-of-Intent to the International IPY Office in Cambridge [see map of proposed areas for fieldwork]
Number to the left of project title is ID # used by

774 Annual carbon budget of arctic terrestrial ecosystems

743 Architectural Inventory of Arctic Research Stations

746 Arctic long-term ecosystem manipulations used to reveal changes in biological, physiological and biogeochemical processes in response to climatic changes

183 Arctic Palaeoclimate and its EXtremes

748 Arctic risk assessment of PAHs

737 Bioactive Compounds from Arctic Plants

539 Circumpolar freshwater lake research and data management network

735 Climate and Northern Shrimp

749 Crisis and Welfare in the Arctic

747 Cultural and social strategic behaviour of human communication and ideological exchange in the Arctic past and present

759 Cultural and social strategies of human migration and mobility in the Arctic past

750 DAta MIning and Outreach – Greenland long-term Arctic Instrumental Climate Data Sets

745 DDS Polar Science Scout – children and youth participating in polar research in IPY

364 Deep-water bottom fish diversity in central Baffin Bay and off Southern Greenland (1500-4000 m)

767 Design, development, prototyping and testing of a Polar One Man Tent

986 Earthshine observations from high latitudes

753 Ecosystem Processes Across Climatic Gradients in Greenland: Freshwater Ecosystems     Cover letter

752 Ecosystem Processes Across Climatic Gradients in Greenland: Marine ecosystems     Cover letter

754 Ecosystem Processes Across Climatic Gradients in Greenland: Terrestrial ecosystems     Cover letter


738 Effect of Climate Changes On Permafrozen Periglacial Environments in Greenland

766 Establishment of a circumpolar monitoring program focussing on spatiotemporal trends in the snow cover in terrestrial ecosystems at a landscape scale

744 Evolution in arctic clonal plants

779 From the Igloo to the Space Station – Design Concepts for Extreme Environments

751 Global Change - Social Challenges
An inter-generational and gender perspective on ongoing social processes

561 Greenland’s Ice Sheet – reactions to past and present climate change

761 Greenland Sea Levels

999 Holocene climate development in Igaliku - South Greenland

733 Holocene Migration and Population Dynamics of Eastern Arctic Muskox (Ovibos moschatus)

416 International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences VI in Nuuk, 2007-2008

760 Inuit Health in Transition: A study of the impact of changing environments society and climate on health and disease among the Inuit and Yupik of the circumpolar North

784 Large scale tectonics and deep structure of the Greenland shield

734 Late Precambrian-Early Phanerozoic biotic evolution: Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth, the Cambrian Explosion and the Great Ordovician Biodiversification – evidence from the Arctic

762 Low frequency climate variability during late Holocene around Greenland

763 Magnetic Survey of Greenland and Adjacent Regions
A programme to conduct geomagnetic survey of Greenland and adjacent arctic regions in order to study the magnetic and other geological properties of the Earth's crust in the northern polar regions.

765 Mountain building and Ice Sheet Stability in GREENland

777 NorthernMost

780 Pan-Arctic Tracking of Beluga Whales

742 Parasitic zoonotic foodborne diseases in the population of Arctic with special focus on Greenland

329 Physical and ecological environment of the Arctic Ocean north of Greenland

566 Polar clouds and the ozone layer in changing climate

778 Polar microorganisms and climate: Influence of climate changes on microbial biodiversity, biogeochemical processes and biomolecules

776 Polar Outreach through Worldwide Education and Research

781 Polar Science Café – A meeting between polar research and the public focusing on research in man and environment in arctic regions

775 Quaternary environmental and climatic history of Peary Land, North Greenland

782 Resource exploitation, Trade, Technology and Economy

783 Speak locally – reach globally
Glocalization processes - Language, Literature and Media

791 Survey of living conditions in the Arctic

736 Testing the Greenland ice cap as an astronomical site

1003 The Davis Strait Arctic Gateway: Ocean Circulation and West Greenland Climate Change since the Last Glacial Maximum

758 The determinants of multi-trophic interactions in a High Arctic landscape