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Sport Expeditions in Greenland

If you consider organizing a sport (i.e. non-scientific) expedition in Greenland you will have to comply with a set of legislation regulating e.g. safety measures, communication and insurances.

Please read the "Executive Order on travels in Greenland" to get acquanted with the requirements and browse the other pertinent legislation.

The "Project Planner" is DPC's indispensible on-line planning guide for anyone contemplating to launch an expedition in remote and uninhabited areas of Greenland.

A good start is to begin with information about public authorities, forms and deadlines.

In order to learn who went where and did what on sport expeditions in Greenland the past few years, please download (.rtf-files) the annual lists available to the left. Please note that a given year's expeditions are pooled in each annual list; however, the list entries are arranged in ascending numerical order according ID#.

For further information, please contact:

Poul Henrik Sørensen
Strandgade 100 H
DK-1401 Copenhagen K

+45 3288 0125
+45 3288 0101