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Kangerlussuaq International Science Support

The KISS manager, , is available all year and can be reached at phone +(299) 52 42 09 or at e-mail

Basse was born in Sisimiut and is in his mid 30'ies. He has lived in a number of towns in Greenland, primarily in South Greenland, but has lived in Kangerlussuaq the past 10 years. Basse has been the KISS Manager since April 2003. He has an education as a policeman and as a firefighter. Basse has three kids and is married to Pani.

is the assistant manager at KISS. Käte will be available for the users especially in the high season from April through August. She can be reached at phone +299 52 45 33 or at e-mail

Four digit numbers are local, and local calls are free
Aero Club 84 11 76
Air Greenland Booking 84 14 88
Air Greenland Office 84 10 40
Airport Administration Office 17 901
Airport Control Tower 17 990
Airport Hotel Cafeteria 11 104
Airport Hotel Manager 11 100
Airport Hotel Reception 11 101
Airport Hotel Restaurant 11 105
Airport, Technical Manager 17 902
Bowling Lanes 79 810
Car Repair Shop 77 979
Cargo Terminal 84 12 13
Conference Center 75 400
Danish Polar Center +45 32 88 01 00 (fax +45 32 88 01 01)
Fire Department 11 110
First Air Booking & Ticketing 84 14 88
General Store 'Butikken' 17 973
General Store Manager 17 974
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) +45 33 88 11 66
Golf Club 84 11 30 / 84 11 74
Greenland Tourism 84 10 98
Gym / Sports Center 77 982
ID cards 17 901
KISS Manager (bvn@glv.gl) 52 42 09
KISS Assistant Manager (sciencesupport@glv.gl) 52 45 33
KISS / local calls 76 451
KISS / long distance ingoing 84 11 07, 76 451
KISS / pay-phone 84 14 73
KISS / telefax 84 14 72
Laundry 77 980
Meteorologists' Office 84 10 22
National Survey and Cadastre +45 35 87 50 50
Nurse's Clinic 11 114 / 84 12 11
Operator 9
Police Station 19 550 / 84 12 22
Post Office 84 10 11
Room Service (ISS) 11 108
Rowing Club 71 144
Sisimiut Book Store 86 55 90
Snowmobile Club 71 026
Statoil 84 10 49
Taxi 52 45 02 / 52 45 03
TELE Greenland 84 10 56
TELE Greenland Workshop 77 969

At a reseanably low cost (current rate is DKK 225 / bed / day), KISS can offer you a place to live with free access to kitchens, lounges, bathrooms, showers, laundry, offices, conference rooms, storage rooms, and laboratories.

However, to keep costs low also in the future, to ensure the continued KISS services to researchers and the satisfaction of the KISS users, it is important that you observe the following in-house rules during your stay:

Private rooms: The Kangerlussuaq janitor service will clean your room only after you have checked out, so it will appear fresh and inviting to the next inhabitant. During your stay you are requested to keep your own room in an acceptable hygienic standard. It is especially important to empty ashtrays and litter bins frequently and keep the contents of your refrigerator free of decaying or smelly products.

Offices, lounges, and conference rooms: Following your use of these common facilities you are expected to clear and clean tables and floor and leave the furniture in good order. PLEASE NOTE that the lounge at the ground floor is a NON-SMOKING area.

Laboratories: Chemicals have to be stored away after use. KISS-owned equipment must be cleaned and left on the site allocated to it. You must clear and clean sinks, tables, and floor when you have finished your lab work or before that if accumulated material/litter appears to be a nuisance for other users. Material that you have taken to the labs must be removed from the labs after you are through using it.

While personal equipment/material is being used in the labs, please leave a label with your name and room # on it to let the manager and colleagues know who is the owner.

When your project is finished you are most welcome to leave any usable amount of chemical or material that you will not need to bring home. Remember, though, to label chemicals etc. and supply any necessary information as to their special purposes and/or handling; also inform the manager of your donation to KISS.

Storage rooms
KISS offers you free storage space in the designated storage rooms at the ground floor. You are welcome to leave your bags, boxes, containers, or equipment in any of the storage rooms for the period that you will be gone, but only after the manager has been notified and the items are clearly labelled with your name, home address, and date for your return to KISS. Please, do not store any perishable items.

Stored items that are not picked up within three months following the labelled date of return will be disposed of by the manager.

For the well-being of all of your fellow inhabitants of KISS, it is imperative that anyone using the kitchen facilities takes pride in leaving the place tidy and clean to the next user!

Therefore, please remember to do your washing up, clean the tables and floor, and label your foods in the refrigirators and cupboards. Unlabeled items can be used by anyone at anytime.

Don't use dishcloths to clean tables etc. because these cloths easily go stale. Instead, use paper towels.

Towels, linen etc.: If you are using textiles delivered by the Kangerlussuaq janitor service you are expected to place dirty towels and linen in the special container in the laundry room on the upper floor where it will be picked up by the janitor.

Cleaning utensils: In the 'Drying Room' on the upper floor and in the 'Chemicals' room on the ground floor you will find vacuum cleaners, buckets, detergents, brooms etc. all available for your cleaning efforts according to the above mentioned requests. Please, remember to put the equipment back in place right after you are through using it.

Waste disposal: A large waste container is located between the KISS building (#662) and the neighbouring building (#663). Use this container for all types of trash. It will be emptied by the waste truck at frequent intervals.

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