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Danish Polar Center Publications No. 1, 1996

The Paleo-Eskimo Cultures of Greenland
New perspectives in Greenlandic archaeology.

Papers from a symposium at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, University of Copenhagen , 21-24 May, 1992.

Edited by Bjarne Grønnow and John Pind.
Danish Polar Center Publications No. 1, 1996    Price: 190 DKK.

From the cover:
"The increasing interest among Greenlanders in their past and a renewed focus on Arctic archaeology in Scandinavia has provided a platform for a new generation of Greenlandic and Danish archaeologists. The papers of this volume originating from the conference "The Paleo-Eskimo Cultures of Greenland" held at the University of Copenhagen present substantial data from hitherto unknown sites and regions of Greenland as well as Canada. New light is thrown on the first 3,500 years of Inuit prehistory "