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P. Bjerregaard & B. Bjerregaard, 1985
Disease pattern in Upernavik in relation to housing conditions and social group.

From April 1979 to March 1980 all 2673 contacts between the 836 inhabitants of Upernavik town, West Greenland, and the local medical officers were recorded together with information on social conditions and housing standard. Housing conditions included size of house, space per inhabitant, heating, and water supply; pronounced differences were observed between Greenlanders and Danes of Upernavik and between different social groups of Greenlanders.
In comparison with general practice in Denmark the following disorders were less frequently registered in Upernavik: Infectious childrens diseases, cancer, diabetes, minor mental disorders, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and urinary infections. On the contrary, gonorrhea, chronic otitis, impetigo and accidents were more frequently encountered in Upernavik.
Danes of Upernavik had a low rate of admissions to hospital compared with Greenlanders of corresponding social group, and low incidences and contact rates for all diseases. In Greenlanders of Upernavik the rate of admissions to hospital for all causes, as well as contact rates for skin and respiratory infections, were highest in the lowest housing standard and social groups and in the smallest households.
Contact rates for all causes together and for accidents were similar in the socio-economic subgroups.

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