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Instructions to MoG authors

Meddelelser om Grønland (Monographs on Greenland) accepts for publication academic manuscript to the three subseries Geoscience, Bioscience and Man & Society.

Geoscience invites papers that contribute significantly to studies in Greenland within any of the fields of geoscience (physical geography, oceanography, glaciology, general geology, sedimentology, mineralogy, petrology, palaeontology, stratigraphy, tectonics, geophysics, geochemistry). Papers primarily concerned with other areas in the Arctic or Atlantic region may be accepted, if the work actually covers Greenland or is of direct importance to continued research in Greenland.

Bioscience invites papers that contribute significantly to studies of flora and fauna in Greenland and of ecological problems pertaining to all Greenland environments. Papers primarily concerned with other areas in the Arctic or Atlantic region may be accepted, if the work actually covers Greenland or is of direct importance to continued research in Greenland.

Man & Society publishes papers that contribute significantly to studies in Greenland concerning human beings, in research fields such as anthropology, archaeology, arts, economics, education, ethnology, history, law, linguistics, medicine, psycology, religion, social science.
Papers dealing with borderline subjects as for instance exploitation of natural resources and environmental research may be referred to one of the series Bioscience, Geoscience, or Man & Society.

Two hard copies of the manuscript should be sent to the Danish Polar Center. Manuscripts will be forwarded to referees for evaluation. Authors will be notified as quickly as possible about acceptance, rejection, or desired alterations. Manuscripts corresponding to less than 32 printed pages (of 6100 type units) including illustrations are not accepted, unless they are part of a special theme issue.

Manuscripts should be in English (preferred language), French, or German. Authors who are not writing in their native language must have the language of their manuscript corrected before submission.
Place names. - All Greenland place names used in the text and in illustrations must be authorised names.

The title should be short, with emphasis on words useful for information retrieval.

An abstract in English must accompany all papers. It should be short (no longer than 250 words), factual, and stress new information and conclusions.

A short presentation of the topic of the book and of the author (max 1100 type units) should be provided to be printed on the cover.

Use double spacing throughout, and leave a 4 cm wide margin on the left hand side. Use at most three grades of headings, and do not underline. The grade of heading can be indicated in soft pencil in the left hand margin of one copy of the typescript. Avoid long headings. Page 1 should contain title, name(s) of author(s), abstract, key words (max. 10) and author's full postal address(es). Page 2 should contain a table of contents.

Electronic manuscript
The editing will be made on the hard copy of the manuscript, and corrections to be made by the author will be indicated here. The final edition of the text and tables must be submitted to the Danish Polar Center in digitalized file format, when the editing process is complete. ASCII, Windows or Mac formats are accepted.

References to figures and tables in the text should have the form: Fig. 1, Figs 2-4, Table 3. Bibliographic references in the text are given thus: Shergold (1975: 16) ... (Jago & Daily 1974b).

In the list of references the following style is used:
Boucot, A. J. 1975. Evolution and extinction rate controls. - Elsevier, Amsterdam: 427 pp.
Sweet, W. C. & Bergström, S. M. 1976. Conodont bio-stratigraphy of the Middle and Upper Ordovician of the United States midcontinent. - In: Bassett, M. G. (ed). The Ordovician System: Proceedings of a Palaeontological Association symposium, Birmingham, September 1974: 121-151. University of Wales Press.
Tarling, D. H. 1967. The palaeomagnetic properties of some Tertiary lavas from East Greenland. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters 3: 81-88.

Meddelelser om Grønland, Geoscience (Bioscience, Man & Society) should be abbreviated thus: MoG, Geosci. (Biosci., Man & Soc.)

Submit one copy of all illustrations, including diagrams and maps, all marked with number and author's name. All figures should be submitted as digitalized files, as glossy photographic prints or as dias, and preferably have the dimensions of the final figure. Do not submit original artwork. Where appropriate the scale should be indicated on the illustration or in the caption. Information concerning the illustration should be in the caption and not in the illustration.

Colour plates may be include, but the editor must be consulted before such illustrations are submitted.

Size of illustrations
The width of figures must fit into a page (157 mm). The maximum height of a figure (including caption) is 217 mm. Fold-out figures and tables should be avoided.

Captions to figures should be collected at the end of the manuscript or in a separate file.

Authors receive two page proofs. Only typographic errors should be corrected in proof. The cost of making alterations to the text and figures at this stage will be charged to the author(s).

Free copies
Twenty-five copies of the publication are supplied free, fifty if there are two or more authors. Additional copies can be supplied at 55% of the retail price.

Copyright for all papers published by the Danish Polar Center is vested in the Center.

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