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MoG Geoscience vol. 39 2001             Order this book on-line

Edited by Claus Uffe Hammer
The Hans Tausen ice Cap. Glaciology and Glacial Geology
The Hans Tausen Project was two separate but closely linked projects within the Nordic Environmental Research Programme 1993-1997:
1) Drilling of an ice core through the Hans Tausen Iskappe (ice cap) at a suitable place on this fairly large high Arctic ice cap;
2) To investigate the dynamic aspects of the ice cap and the surrounding area in both a glaciological and a geological sense.
Mixing more recent data of the Hans Tausen Iskappe with investigations of the post-glacial dynamics in the area is of special interest, as Peary Land is believed to be especially sensitive to global change. Amelioration of the Arctic climate conditions could have drastic effects on the local glaciers.
Our findings from the Hans Tausen Iskappe tell a story of an ice cap which melted away during the Climatic Optimum and later started to rebuild; it has still not reached a dynamic equilibrium. In this perspective it is worth comparing our findings with those of the Northeast Canada.
The Hans Tausen Iskappe Project and the post glacial geo-glaciological history of the area is of significant interest due to the concern about global change as the data demonstrates that the area is sensitive to climate change.
Even though the project was focused on Global Change it also offered information of a more regional character, which adds to our understanding of geo-glaciological relations and to our understanding of the chemistry of the low troposphere in remote areas.

Keywords: Calf ice production, Glacier inventory, Glaciation limit, Neoglacial glaciations.

Meddr Grønland, Geosci. 39 2001
Meddelelser om Grønland, Geoscience 39, Copenhagen, Danish Polar Center, 2001. 163 pp.

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ISSN 106-1046
ISBN 87-90369-45-9

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