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MoG Geoscience vol. 38 1999              Order this book on-line

Hans C. Bjerring
A new amphibious tetrapod from the Greenlandic Eutriassic
The cranial anatomy, especially the allostotic parts, of a new tetrapod genus, Aquiloniferus, is described on the basis of four specimens from the Lower Triassic of central East Greenland at Kap Stosch. These specimens were studied briefly in the mid-1930s and assigned to four species of the trematosaur genus Lyrocephalus WIMAN. Herein it is suggested that only a single species, A. kochi, existed in this region, belonging to the Capitosauroidea.
Keywords: Aquiloniferus n.g., cranium, capitosaur, Lower Triassic, East Greenland

Meddr Grønland, Geosci. 38 1999
Meddelelser om Grønland, Geoscience 38, Copenhagen, Danish Polar Center, 1999. 42 pp.

Hans C. Bjerring, Department of Palaeozoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History, SE-10405 Stockholm, Sweden ISSN 106-1046

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