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MoG Bioscience vol. 38 1994              Order this book on-line

David Boertmann
An annotated checklist to the birds of Greenland
63 pp, 1 fig. 170 DKK

The most recent total account of the birds of Greenland was published in the late sixties (Salomonsen 1967). Since that, major changes have been recorded in the status and occurrence of several species. One species s have disappeared (Barrows Golden eye) and 28 new vagrants have been added to the list.
This checklist gives a current account on the birds occurring in Greenland. 235 species have been recorded. About 58 are well established breeders, c. 17 are regular (some numerous) visitors and the rest are more or less rare vagrants. Some of the visitors may breed occasionally and some are probably in the initiating phase of an immigration to Greenland. Although many vagrants have only been recorded once, some of them may occur more commonly or even annually.
The present status is described for each species and if possible also population numbers and trends. When relevant, issues as subspecies, habitats and migration are discussed or described briefly.