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MoG Bioscience vol. 2 1980              Order this book on-line

Jean Just
Amphipoda (Crustacea) of the Thule area, Northwest Greenland: faunistics and taxonomy.
61 pp, 58 figs, 2 tables. 67 DKK


The material reported on was collected in the Thule area, NW Greenland, in 1968 and includes 105 species. Four of these, Aceroides goesi, Bathymedon antennarius, Monoculodes vibei and Parametopa crassicornis, are new to science. An additional 6 species are new to Greenland, while 9 species have previously been found in E. Greenland but not in W Greenland. Four genera, Lembos, Arrhinopsis, Arctopleustes and Parametopa, are recorded from Greenland for the first time.
Specimens belonging to 15 additional taxa are for various reasons not referred to species. Major taxonomic problems, warranting broadly based revisions, are outlined in the genera Byblis, Gitanopsis, Ischyrocerus, Tmetonyx, Monoculodes and Stenula. Three different forms of Paroediceros lynceus are discussed.
All known amphipod species from the Thule area are included in an annotated list. Forty-nine taxa are discussed and figured.