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MoG Bioscience vol. 15 1984              Order this book on-line

Jon Feilberg
A phytogeographical study of South Greenland. Vascular plants.
70 pp, 12 figs, 11 tables, 346 maps. 106 DKK

South Greenland, extending from 5945 to 6220N., is considered a botanical province ranking with those of West, North and East Greenland. The province is divided into six vegetational zones, based on the distribution of selected taxa.
A phytogeographical analysis grouped the 346 taxa into eleven distribution types, each with two to seven subtypes. Each taxon is characterized further by a map of its distribution in South Greenland, by its holarctic distribution type (HDT) and climatic distribution type (CDT), and by a chorological index value (CI).
The flora of South Greenland is compared with that of adjacent areas in Greenland, and its affinities to the floras of Europe and North America shows a slight predominance of the American elements.
The following new combinations are proposed: Elymus violaceus (Hornem.) J. Feilberg, Lychnis alpina L. ssp. americana (Fern.) J. Feilberg and Vaccinium oxycoccos L. ssp. microphyllum (Lange) J. Feilberg.