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Social Science Projects 2000

Purmo Greenland Expedition: Ammassalik - Local Innuit-Community in the beginning of the 3rd Millenium
Andrzej Perzanowski
20/04/2000 - 15/04/2000

The newest kaminski"s idea connected with Polish Greenland Expedition is to organize a small scientific expedition at the same time. He has decided to transfer some amount from his expedition"s budget to sponsor a research project of two anthropology students from Warsaw University. They are interested in innuit culture and they want to make a research in Ammassalik. The main goal of the expedition is to prepare a report and photo exhibition presenting last examples of passing Inuit Culture, which is replaced on modern style of life.

Sustainable Development in Arctic and knowledge systems
Takato Takano
United Kingdom
02/06/2000 - 15/07/2000

To learn more abourt Local Agenda 21 inspired projects, and observe how people in Ammassalik integrate formal and informal knowledge systems, particularly in the context of environmental change. I would like to learn how people perceive the change in environment, and if ice retreat affects their local economy or not.

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Updated January 28, 2002