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There is a number of possibilities for scientists needing a vessel for their Greenland research. However, most of the potential ships have home habours in west Greenland.
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Nuuk provides two ships, Paamiut and Adolf Jensen, while Arctic Station in Qeqertarsuaq, provides one ship, Porsild. These ships can be chartered by research projects upon special agreement with the research facilities owning the ships.

A number of tourist vessels can also be hired by research projects. The most straightforward way to make arrangements about these privately owned ships is by contacting the owners.

The Royal Danish Navy offers in some periods free access for scientists to their ships under the condition that changes in the agreed cruise schedule might occur due to military purposes. DPC provides contact with the Royal Danish Navy for scientists interested in using these vessels.

A number of different icebreakers operates in the seas off Greenland. It is the ambition of DPC to keep a record on the voyage plans for any icebreaker entering Greenland waters, and to provide contact between interested scientists and the ship operator.

Please note that if you plan to take a state owned vessel, registered in a foreign country, into Greenland territorial waters (i.e. closer than 200 nautical miles) special application procedures apply.

A research project operating aboard a vessel closer than 3 nautical miles from the baseline is considered a land-based activity, and treated as such.

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Updated August 14, 2002