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Porsild is the research vessel belonging to Arctic Station. The vessel was built in 1994 by Assens Shipyard in Denmark.

The ship has a steel and aluminum hull, it has a gross tonnage of 19.9, a length of 15.1 m and a width of c. 5 m.

Porsild has a crew of three persons. It has capacity for twelve passengers and berths for eight passengers. The passenger accommodation facilities consist of a cabin with four berths, a mess room with 4 berth and a galley and a toilet with shower.

The navigation equipment includes three different echosounder systems, two radar systems, magnetic and gyro compasses, GPS and videoplotter.

The ship has two winches and a hydraulic crane. Research equipment can be hired together with the ship. Porsild has an advanced CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth, PAR, fluoroscense and backscatter), three Niskin water samplers, a haps, a box corer, different van Veen grabs and a gravity corer (3 m). Besides, Porsild has a number of rubber boats and a larger dinghy.