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For information on prices, cruise schedule etc.
please contact:

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 570
DK- 3900 Nuuk Greenland

+299 32 10 95

+299 32 59 57


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Paamiut is a former trawler built in 1971 and now rebuilt for research purposes. It is owned and maintained by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Nuuk.

The ship has a length over all of 58.60 m and a gross tonnage of 1,084.

The ship is arranged for research purposes in the seas off Greenland.

It contains one dry laboratorium, two wet laboratories, equipment for marine research and test fishery as well as for trawling on a commercial scale.

It has state-of-the art navigation equipment incl. a sonar, and it has all modern means of communication.

Paamiut accommodates 5-8 scientists.