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Other vessels in Greenland      potentially available for chartering

West Greenland

Disko Bay area


Ono Fleischer
P.O. Box 293
DK-3952 Ilulissat

+299 94 24 62
+299 54 32 99
+299 94 24 62

During the summer, Ono Fleischer organises sailing trips in the Ilulissat area in his boat, which has been approved for 10 pax. These trips are both to the ice fjord and the surrounding settlements.

The boat is approved for 10 passengers.

West Greenland

Disko Bay area


Dieter Zillmann
P.O. Box 160
DK-3952 Ilulissat

+299 94 44 11
+299 57 41 74
+299 94 45 11

Dieter Zillmann owns a high-speed tourist boat 'Smilla', which is approved for 12 passengers.

He also runs a youth hostel and a restaurant in the hamlet Oqaatsut and can organize accommodation with local families in towns and hamlets.

West Greenland

Disko Bay area


Wilhelm Gemander
DK-3952 Ilulissat

+299 94 80 61
+299 56 73 00
+299 94 80 62

Wilhelm Gemander owns the comfortable cruise boat 'Maya', which is approved for 12 passengers and offers summer cruises in Disko Bay.

Willi lives in the exceptionally beautifully situated hamlet of Saqqaq.

Willi can arrange accommodation in the hamlet for parties of up to 12.

South Greenland

Narsaq area


Jacky Simoud
DK-3921 Narsaq

+299 49 73 71
+299 66 50 01

Jacky Simoud has a typical Greenland boat that is approved for 12 passengers.

Sailing trips to towns and settlements, ice fjord trips and other destinations on request.

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Updated August 14, 2002