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For information on charter conditions and prices, please contact:

P.O. Box 1236
DK-3900 Nuuk

Kisaq at sea:
+ 881 631 447 408
Kisaq at port:
+299 55 22 30
+299 32 00 67

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Kisaq is approved to and available for all forms of chartering in Greenland waters, both on the west coast as well as on the east coast.

KISAQ's data:
Built in 1962
Length: 83.0 feet (25 m)
Width: 20.7 feet (6.3 m)
Depth: 11.6 feet (3.5 m)
Weight: 150 tons
Engine: Cummings, 6 cylinders, 4 stroke, 500 HP
Cruising speed: 9.5 knots
Approved for 12 over-night passengers (in 6 cabins).

Kisaq is equipped with
all modern means
of navigation, electonical
as well as traditional.
The vessel also has
onboard all safety equipment
for Arctic waters.


The mess and the kitchen

All of the new cabins have 2 berths, running water, sink, mirror, cupboards. Kisaq has three toilets and two showers.