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Mobile land-based logistics platform

DPC is prepared to establish logistics platforms in remote areas of Greenland as a packaged support to research projects in a certain region. The decision to establish logistics support in a specific region is based on documented requests from research projects or as the result of a DPC initiative. DPC needs a minimum 'incubation' period of 18 months to allow for pertinent planning, calls for proposals and preparations in advance of launching any land-based logistics platform. The active operation period of such a platform is usually June - August with a time frame of two years, but the annual field season as well as the platform lifetime may be extended in accordance with user requests.

Usually, DPC's logistics platform includes a total transport concept to, within and from the focal region as well as costumized accommodation, provisions, communication and safety products.

To become a customer of and be serviced by a mobile logistics platform a given research project must establish contact with the Danish Polar Center and project plans and needs must have been agreed upon between the project PI and DPC.