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Kangerlussuaq International Science Support

Kangerlussuaq International Airport located at 67°01'05"N/050°41'39"W, 50 m above sea level is the main hub for airborne traffic in Greenland. The Greenland Provincial Government (the Greenland Home Rule) owns the airport and its facilities and Mittarfeqarfiit (the Greenland Civil Aviation Department) is the operator. Among the many services and facilities available here is Kangerlussuaq International Science Support, shortened as KISS.

KISS is owned and operated by the Greenland Home Rule. However, the Danish Polar Center has been delegated the specific task to function as a liaison between Mittarfeqarfiit and the science communities in order to distribute information about KISS and to funnel researchers requirements and comments to the operator.

Mittarfeqarfiit and the Danish Polar Center are co-operating closely in the efforts to establish improved pertinent services for researchers in Kangerlussuaq. The goal is to provide an all-round logistics platform attractive to Arctic research within the natural science disciplines. KISS is focusing at national as well as international research communities in order to increase the attention to the very diverse research potentials in this region of Greenland.

Please note that KISS is also the most accessible and economic platform for staging research projects on the huge Greenland Inland Ice, second in size only to the ice sheet of Antarctica.

Kangerlussuaq was formerly known by its Danish name 'Søndrestrømfjord' or by its American name 'SondreStrom Air Base'.

You should realise that any research project to be launched in Greenland must submit to the Danish Polar Center all pertinent information prior to the initiation of the field work. The information thus collected from scientific projects in Greenland is published on the Internet by the Danish Polar Center.

You will need to visit the on-line "Guide for Project and Expedition Planners" to learn about your opportunities, requirements, and options.

In order to stimulate international interest in Arctic science and to facilitate the dissemination of information about scientific projects in Greenland a project must provide, as a minimum:
     title of the project,
     name and institutional address of the principal investigator,
     period(s) for activities in Greenland, and
     abstract of project objectives etc. (max. 100 words).

Scientific projects in Greenland fall into several categories dependent on geographical allocation, methods to be applied, means of transportation in the field, etc. Any principal investigator is therefore advised to read the following definitions carefully and act accordingly, prior to your stay at KISS and the commencement of field work in Greenland.

Category A
Research projects with field work that includes
     launching of balloons,
     application of laser beams,
     outdoor installation of antennas or instruments,
     items harmful to the environment,
     low level flying,
     air drops,
     catching, killing, tagging or ringing of fish, mammals or birds,
     activities on fjord / sea ice.

Category A projects must submit to the Danish Polar Center a completed application in order to obtain a permit. Please get an application form from the Danish Polar Center () and comply with the associated stipulations.

Category B
Research projects with
     fieldwork or other activities on the Inland Ice.

Category B projects must submit to the Danish Polar Center a completed application in order to obtain a permit. Please observe that activities on the Inland Ice will require that special evacuation and search-and-rescue insurances, covering all participants, are taken out by the project. You will not be permitted to launch the planned activities on the Inland Ice unless the conditions specified in the application form and its cover letter are met. Please get an application form from the Danish Polar Center () and comply with the associated stipulations.

Category C
Research projects that include studies involving
     persons as study objects in a medical sense,
     persons as study objects in a sociological or an ethnological sense, or
     sensitive data obtained on any person.

Category C projects must contact the Danish Polar Center () to obtain the needed forms and material to be completed and submitted to the Center before any permit can be issued.

Category D
Research projects with field work that does not include
     any of the activities specified above under categories A C.

Category D projects must submit the following to the Danish Polar Center:
     title of the project,
     name and institutional address of principal investigator,
     period for activities in Greenland, and
     abstract of project objectives etc. (max. 100 words).

Please submit the requested information via e-mail to . In case you have not been able to place your own project within any of the above categories you should contact the Danish Polar Center. Please contact .

As a scientist engaged in research activities you qualify to use KISS as your home base during your stay in Kangerlussuaq. The Danish Polar Center has been delegated the responsibility to handle all bookings for KISS thereby securing that only scientists and students engaged in research activities are using the facilities at KISS.

Your stay at KISS must therefore be booked prior to your arrival in Kangerlussuaq either directly with the or through the Danish Polar Center (kfe@dpc.dk) (Strandgade 100 H, DK-1401 Copenhagen K. Phone +45 3288 0111. Fax +45 3288 0101). Please use the KISS Booking Form.

Renting of vehicles, equipment, separate office space, workshop, communication hardware, room service, etc., should all be finalised locally between you and the KISS manager even though you may have originally indicated your needs in the booking form.

In Kangerlussuaq the permanent contact person concerning KISS is Mr. , , at .


     1 day/night in 1 bed in a double room: DKK 225
     1 office room, exclusively for your use: DKK 300 daily

The above prices include bed linen and towels as well as unlimited access to all common facilities in KISS, such as kitchens, lounges, bathrooms, laundromats, laboratories, freezers, refrigerators, drying rooms, storage rooms, working rooms, packing room, and e-mail communication.

When you arrive at Kangerlussuaq you should proceed to register as a KISS user in the KISS building. The KISS manager will most often be available in the airport arrival hall to give you and your luggage a lift from the airport hotel to KISS. You can page or phone (76452) the KISS manager via the airport hotel counter.

Once you are in the KISS building the KISS manager will issue your room key and draw your attention to the house rules for using the KISS facilities. A copy of 'KISS regulations' will be available in all rooms and the manager can give you a copy of 'Welcome to KISS'.

Your KISS bill will be presented to you by the KISS manager at your departure, and the bill is payable before you leave Kangerlussuaq to the KISS manager, who will accept Dankort (the common Danish pay card) and major international credit cards (e.g. AmericanExpress, Diner's Club, Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa) as well as Traveller's Cheques.

You will no longer need an ID card to purchase a meals at the 'Polar Bear Inn' (the dining hall). Get details about this under the section Dining Hall.

Greenland uses Danish 'kroner' (DKK) as the only official currency. There is no bank in Kangerlussuaq. You should therefore arrange for sufficient cash for your own activities prior to your arrival or plan to use a Dankort (the common Danish pay card), Danish bank cheques, or credit cards as payment.

You can buy Danish currency (max. DKK 2 000 / day) at the Post Office using your Dankort and only this card!
At the airport hotel counter you can also buy DKK using AmericanExpress, Dankort, Diner's Club, Eurocard, JCB, MasterCard, Visa or Traveller's Cheques but only up to DKK 500 a day.

The general store, 'Butikken', will accept payment in cash, cheques, or the use of AmericanExpress, Dankort, Diner's Club, Eurocard, JCB, MasterCard and Visa. However, when paying with Dankort or any of the credit cards you are required to use your card-specific PIN code at the cashier's terminal in the store.

For PIN-coded transactions the maximum amount to be drawn per card per day is:
     Eurocard / MasterCard / JCB / Visa: DKK 1 400
     AmericanExpress: DKK 1 500
     Dankort: DKK 2 000
     Diner's Club: DKK 2 000
     Personal cheques (Danish bank cheques only): DKK 2 000

You may use the general store just to buy Danish currency, but the store manager pleads that you wait with currency purchase until the afternoon (Monday - Friday).

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